the costs

The Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard® is only £5 to buy. You can pay for your card with an SMS text message* or a credit/debit card (additional 4% fee for credit card payments). Text the word APPLY to 82023. You will then be sent a unique code to enter at the payment stage and the £5 application cost will be taken from your top up credit (pay as you go), or added to your monthly bill (pay monthly). *Your network provider may charge you for sending a premium SMS

If you have any problems using the text message application process please call 01793 744450.

Here’s a breakdown of what things cost with Orange Cash.

costs fee
card application fee £5.00
monthly fee free
cash withdrawal (including ATM) 2.95%

extra fees may be charged by certain ATM providers

transaction fee (point of sale & internet) free
additional foreign transaction fee 2.75%
standing order/bank top-up free
top-up - debit card free
top-up - Post Office branch £1.50
top-up - PayPoint £1.50
top-up - selected EE shops free
top-up - credit card 4%
internet gambling fee £1.50
internet and IVR enquiry

free from an Orange mobile phone via 311 shortcode or call 020 8264 8311 from all other phones (standard call charges apply)

replacement card £5.00
additional card £5.00
PIN change at ATM 20p
cancel card/redemption fee (if applicable) £5.00
upgrade from restricted to full card £5.00
accessing My Account from your mobile phone or Orange Cash app standard network charges apply

the details

When you apply for Orange Cash we’ll need to verify your identity against the information you’ve supplied, so we know it’s you. If it’s not possible to do a full ID check, we’ll set your card at a reduced spending limit, with a maximum spend of £1,600 a year. Up to £600 of this can be withdrawn from ATMs. If you have a reduced spending limit your maximum spending limit per single transaction is £600.

It is possible to increase this limit, but we’ll need you to send us documents so we can check your ID fully. If you’d like to do this, there’ll be a £5 admin fee, which is automatically deducted from your Orange Cash card.

Loading Method FEE Amounts Transfer time Notes
    Min Max    
Selected EE Shops FEE £10 £499.00 per transaction Load credited immediately Locations of selected EE shops and PayPoint outlets can be found on the Website
PayPoint outlets £1.50
Post Office £1.50 £10 £500 per transaction Load credited on the next business day
Standing Order or Bank Transfer FREE   Restricted card - £1600 per year
£600 per day

Full card - £5000
Load will be credited when we receive your money. If we receive the funds on a business day, we will credit your account on the same business day. Forms and instructions available on Website and your account number will be required. We may ask for identification for transfers to your account before applying credit to your account.
Via My Account or Orange Cash App FREE
Standard network charges apply
£20 £500 per day Load credited immediately A maximum of five debit or credit cards can be registered to your Account via the Orange Cash App or My Account. Only one debit or credit card can be used per load transaction. You must have registered your debit or credit card with your bank for 'MasterCard Secure Code' or 'Verified by Visa' to use this service. If you change details of your debit or credit card we may ask for additional time to approve your load. The address of the debit or credit cardholder must match the address given by you for your Account
Debit or Credit card Debit Card- FREE
Credit Card- 4%

account / card limits

Orange Cash card Orange Cash card
(reduced spending limit)
household limit 4 accounts 4 accounts
mobile phone number limit only one account per mobile phone number only one account per mobile phone number
additional cards 4 cards N/A

Orange Cash

Orange Cash, the prepaid MasterCard
you can load with cash and use online or
in shops.

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